In order to start earning money from advertisers, you need to have a website to publish about something. Website with only advertisement or search panel will not work with Google Adsense. Therefore you need to know what are you going to blog about. The topic that you choose must be something you are passionate about (for eg it is your hobbies). Below are some ideas to help you get started

·         Making Money
·         Property Investment
·         Expensive hobbies like golf
·         Antiques
·         Raising Finance/Debt solutions
·         Internet Marketing
·         Stocks & Shares
·         Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery
·         Marraiga Dating & Sex tips
·         Science Fiction such as Star Trek memorabilia
·         Classic or modified cars
·         Boating & Yachting
·         Fishing & Angling
·         Hollywood & Celebrity Gossip
·         Coin & Stamp Collections and latest prices
·         Aeroplane and train spotting clubs
·         Weight Loss
·         eBay
·         Cult or fad stuff like scientology
·         Exercise, health and keeping fit
·         Fashion & Clothing
·         Specific businesses such as farming, car retailing etc. where there are trade journals already in existence
·         Interior decorating
·         Casino and card game clubs and tips
·         Other gambling sites such as horse racing or dogs
·         Self development and Psychology
·         Religious groups and communities with a fund raising element
·         Pet sites specific to a type of pet or breed
·         Student sites to help with coursework
·         Cooking
·         How to be a writer
·         Infertility
·         Computer Hardware & Software
·         Movies or even a specific movie (I love scarface!)
·         Music – Fan sites for individual artists
·         Wedding planning and weddings in general
·         Parenting and baby sites


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