Google Adsense was started in May 2003 and it enabled website owners to display advertiser’s adverts who had signed up to Google Adwords.  It has revolutionised the way advertising is conducted on the internet.  You no longer need to approach individual advertisers to get them to advertise on your site and implement some kind of payment system because Google does this all for you.


All you need to do is sign up, generate some code by pointing and clicking your mouse and then copying and pasting this code in to your site.  Then you will get an advert that looks like:


Every time someone clicks on the advert (and you can have up to 12 of these on your site)  you get paid anywhere between 1c and $100.  Yes, that is $100.  The most I have ever been paid is $19.50 (approx £10) but there are some serious internet marketers out there in niche industries (which they keep very hush hush) where serious amounts of money are being paid for clicks.


Google pays you a percentage of whatever the advertiser has to pay.  So if an advertiser in the UK is willing to pay £2 for a click and their ad is displayed on your site and it gets clicked Google will give you a share of that £2, paid in US dollars.  The exact share is a mystery to me because Google doesn’t tell you how much you get.  Nor do they let you choose what ads get displayed on your site or tell you what you are likely to expect to get from the ads.  You only find out once someone has clicked on the ad and you see what you get paid.


This is one of the most frustrating thing about Google Adsense but also quite a challenging sport!  You have no control over what is displayed on your site or what you get paid.  This is all up to google.  The only choices you have are:


1.       How many ads appear on your site

2.       Where they appear

3.       What colours the ads are

4.       The content around the adverts


And that’s it.  This is why it is an art form.  Subtle changes can yield massive results.  Google gets robots to “read” your site and guess what your site is about and then add adverts they think are relevant to your site.  All you can do is 1 to 4 above to make the right adverts appear so you get paid well. 



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