Have you ever wonder why Uncle Sam always managed to buy low sell high? The most important thing is of cos picking the right stock which is stock with high earning and low PE. Besides that Samgoss also trying to manipulate the "Renher" which is the volume. I can see he normally pick a stock with low volume, after he finish accumulating the stocks, he will post a buy call in his blog for his loyal follower to buy. Of cos with the stock trading with thin volume, nobody is willing to sell and his follower keep buying!! Why his follower always follow him? this is because something in our human mind call herd mentality, they will follow a leader because they think that they will be safe behind him because of his good track records, people like to follow his call and assume that he is their sifu .I am not against Samgoss nor I stand in his side .This post is just my personal opinion! ^V^


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