1.Review your financial goals and personal goals

2. New Year Resolution: Prepare your financial and personal goals for 2010. Remember, be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

3. Review performance of your investment portfolio, realign your portfolio and investment strategies for 2010

4.Best time to visit your Tax Advisor or scrap through your local tax guide to complete your year-end tax planning. It will certainly make next year's tax submission a lot easier! This applies to both business and personal.

5. Plan how to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve: time to pamper yourself!

6. Plan for your perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones....time to pamper them too so that they will likely to treat you better next year!

7. If you are a boss or working for people, take your team or fellow staff members for a good night out!

8. Give away to charity....monetary or effort you decide. It must be done whole heartedly and in good spirit! Make sure donation is part of your annual budget.

9. If you are expecting to travel for your vacation, give it a thorough wash for an extra gloss and inspect your car or preferably, send your car for a thorough check-up. You wouldn't want to put your car at risk and thereafter spoiling your vacation!

10. Write down your top 5 to 10 biggest achievement for the year. Feel good about yourself!


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