LionCorp posted its latest 4Q09 financial result with a devastating loss of  RM406.38 million while its mom Lion Diversified also posted a huge loss of RM 361.49 million . Both of this companies are involved in the metal/steel industry and i reckoned that last quarter had not got any better either although steel price had stabilised abit since last year. With other steel companies such as Kinstel & Perwaja still posted a loss in their latest quarter earning  but its better than their previous quarters. What had happened to both Lions? Have they lost their roar? Any recovery for both of this company will not be seen in short term as steel demand still remain low. Perhaps Tan Sri William Cheng who is once call the steel king will shift his attention into his retail business PARKSON and left both Lions to rot?

My advise is becareful when buying into these counters. If any of their share price go up, most probably is being goreng up using rumours. Do your own research first!!Dont be tempted by short term gain but you will end up with long term loss. Just my 2 cents!!


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