1. Content
Content plays a major role in getting blog readers. Your content must be interesting, informative, focus, and helpful.Content must be unique too as people easily search for your unique content using search engine. You also can contribute article to Squidoo Lens. The outcome would be increase in back links and traffics.

 2. Blog template
 Choose a suitable template that reflects blogger's aesthetic. Birds of a feather flock together, you will attract similar kind of people to stay. It could be a good topic to discuss on how you choose the template and how it has brought to you either in traffic or readership. You lead the conversion !

3. Social blogger community
Bloggers have the tendency to follow on blogs that improve their template, widgets, good content to improve their content/ pagerank/ tips/ tricks, etc. Conversion is high in this area. Some of the social blogger communities are blogcatalog.com and bloggerunited.com

4. Traffic analytics
Analyse the traffic, understand why they leave and the reason they stay on. Readership retention is very important. Google analytics is a good tool in this area. By understanding your customers, you could write relevant articles, launch campaigns, and selling relevant ads.

5. Digg and stumbleupon, etc
Needless to say, you should have familiarize yourself with these services, which expose your blog and articles to the broad internet world. Now you have the traffic, and you need much effort to convert and retain them.

6. RSS and Freebies
Everyone enjoys freebies but not everyone loves RSS feed. IT is your job to discover freebies and tie it with RSS feed. Conversion rate is high. I have a post which introduce free magazine, and it is one of the top visited post i have. By the way, i am looking for a RSS function that allows me to let readers to register for RSS and get a freebie after that, any idea? Can feedburner does that? Read this: The Secret: Increase traffic by RSS submission, FREE !
7. Widgets
Widgets represent the functionality of your blog. A set of widgets with proper arrangement will promote your posts and ease the registration to become RSS reader or blog follower. Read this: The Secret: 6 widgets in my blog that increase traffic ! Remember, conversion rate is THE thing.

Comment in relevant topics on other blogs with your own, distinctive view. You will get what you want at the end.

9. Become blog follower.
Howto ? There is a widget in Blogger, add yourself to become a follower, by the way, bloggers can get to know how many blogs under you and in return they might become your follower too.

10. Twitter
Twitter is the latest trend of the online communnity in getting readership. Try to convert them with your updates. Check out the widget i put up in my blog, it is at the most right side bar. I got a number of followers from there


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