I really have to recommend this book by KCLau. I bought this book yesterday it and i finish reading in just one day, too interesting to stop. Top Money Tips for Malaysians is a personal finance book that’s packed with money tips and tricks especially for Malaysians.

Most personal finance books teach you how to get your financial matters in good shape through perseverance and hard work. This book is actually not one of those.What you will learn here are simple and easy tricks that require minimum effort.

You will discover:

* How to think in terms of “money” and “time”
* How to get your first car free
* How to manoeuvre your mortgage
* How to gain the maximum from your insurance policies and many more money tips

Kclau offer down to earth advises about financial tip that is really truly applied to all Malaysians. Get a copy now from your nearest bookstore.


Joel Gray said... @ November 20, 2010 at 5:30 PM

This book looks interesting! I'll try to get a copy of this myself. Learning how to manage your personal finances is crucial in preparation for the future. Thanks. :)

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