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One evening, the bar was unusually crowded. People started patronizing the place before dinner time and soon the place was full of middle-age adults who know each other for a long time. It was a reunion party and they were all friends graduated from the same school at the same time.

The obvious way to find out how a person is doing financially is to look at what car he/she drives. David, a senior engineer in a multi-national-corporation who used to be the top student, drives a Japanese car (middle range type). Frank, who persistently failed English language test, drives a Europe-made luxurious sedan. It is an S-Class Mercedes Benz to be specific. Apparently, Frank has the money, earns the big bucks from his businesses. He is the director of several companies.

I bet that you will find someone like Frank and also David during your reunion party. Is there a correlation between academic success and financial well-being?

Book worms are nerds
Academic success may guarantee you a higher-basic-pay-job. But thereafter, your certificates are practically useless. To advance in a career or business, we require a different set of skills. Beside hard works, you’ll need communication skill, selling skill, leadership skill….you name it. Technical skill can only bring you so far.

Graduates has ego
A degree holder has an inflated feeling of pride in his/her superiority. That’s an inevitable ego boost. When you have high ego, it stops you from doing the necessary things that may secure financial success.

Were you at the top, or at the bottom?
If you used to be among the best in school, look at where you are now? Is there someone who did worse academically is richer than you now?

I know quite a few classmates who are doing great now, definitely better than me. The fact is that I was the top three students in school last time.

My opinion on this issue is being a school smart not really guarantee you a successful life because in school we are taught the theory but we do not know how to apply it. Its different being a street smart such as the classmate who performed much worse than you in school but they did excel in life due to their tough survival skill and willling to let go of their ego. They do anything just to survive and thrive in the rat race.


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