1. Positioning - the best Adsense position for blog is at the post level 300x250 square box. Use this code to blend it with your text


2. Link Units : Link unit looks like the page menu of a website. You can put it at the top just below your header banner.

3. Remove non-related ads - Within your Adsense manager, you have the option of using the "Competition Filter" which allows you to remove certain websites from the ads being displayed regularly. Study the ads being displayed on your blog and filter those you think are not appropriate for your readers

4. Blue link on White backgound - Visitors are used to link being blue. The best Adsense ads being click is normally with blue link and white background. But it might not suits your blog theme. If your blog template is not in blue and white, it is better to blend Adsense nicely into your current blog theme


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