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Are you working sorely for the money? Do you stick to your job even though you do not like what you are doing just because of the money? Answering yes means you are definitely a slave to your job because of money.

People fall into their jobs or profession due to a lot of factors. Some that comes to mind are:

There is an urgent or desperate need to work and earn an income immediately regardless of the work nature.
Not having the resources (money) to pursue a higher level of education. I come across this case a lot when I interview people. Normally they come from the rural areas and come from large families. The parents tend to be farmers or low-income earners and they only manage to complete secondary school (Form Five level with SPM qualification). Unless they get a scholarship or government study loan, they would not be able to further their studies.
Not having the proper career guidance before choosing a certain profession.
To fulfill the parents expectations or influenced by the parent’s traditional values of getting a good education and getting a good, stable paying job (e.g. doctor, teacher, engineer).
Not having the wisdom or willpower to switch jobs or profession.
The above are just to name a few factors on why some people are working at a job that does not suit or make them happy. In the end, the only thing holding them back is the salary or benefits they are getting from the job.

Money does matter
If the pay is good then it somehow compensates for working or doing a job that you dislike. If the pay is so good or good enough then it makes it more difficult to change actually. Money can be the main factor for sticking to a certain job or career.

The truth is, life will not be easy without money. Unless you have no desire for all of life’s comforts and conveniences, only then you don’t have to work so hard to accumulate it. However, you still need some money to cover your basic living needs.

Of course there is nothing wrong to crave and want nice things (not necessarily material things) in life as long as we do not hurt anyone along the way. For all the hard work and efforts that you have put in, you will at least get immense self-satisfaction from what your money can buy. In addition, the money can afford you other important things like supporting your family, get a better healthcare, ensure a secure retirement, etc. Therefore, if you do happen to fall into this situation, remember that it is not as bad as having no job (like being laid-off) and no income.


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